Enchilada Seasoning

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Enchilada Seasoning
Hand blended from paprika, onion, chili powder, garlic, Serrano chiles, cumin, salt, sugar, coriander and Mexican oregano.
Flavor Profile: Earthy with a tinge of subtle sweetness along with some nutty undertones and a bit of heat that will lightly tickle the back of your throat.
This enchilada seasoning can be added to the meat or vegetables when cooking. In the case of chicken or beef, we recommend using about 1 tablespoon of seasoning per pound of meat. This blend can also be used to make an easy red enchilada sauce. To make your own delicious, nutritious homemade enchilada sauce you'll need one 8 ounce can of tomato sauce, 1/4 cup of oil (we prefer olive oil but you can use canola or vegetable oil if that tickles your fancy), 1 cup of broth (beef, chicken or vegetable) and 2 tablespoons of flour. Heat the oil over medium heat and then add the flour and 3 tablespoons of enchilada seasoning. Stir as needed until the sauce starts to turn from red to slightly brownish in color. In a separate bowl mix the broth, tomato sauce and another 2 tablespoons of seasoning. Add to the saucepan and mix thoroughly. Cook for about 10 minutes over medium heat until the sauce thickens. Remove from the stove. Making an easy enchilada sauce that will delight your family is just as simple as that.
We love to use this sauce to add flavor to everything from eggs to rice. Try it on pasta or in rich, cheesy soups. It might even surprise you in beef stew.