Za'atar (Israeli)

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Za'atar (Israeli)
1./2 cup jar (1.9oz)
This salt free version of an Israeli Za'atar is hand blended from sesame seeds, sumac, coriander, thyme, cumin and black pepper.
The flavor profile of our Za’atar has a complex nutty and woodsy intensity while the sumac adds an acidic lift that is a bit tart like lemon juice. You’ll also pick up on the herby floral undertones.
Za'atar is most frequently used as a table condiment, dusted on food on its own, or stirred into some olive oil as a dip for soft, plush flatbreads. Za'atar is sprinkled on hummus or eaten with labneh (a popular Middle Eastern cheese). Za'atar also makes a superb dry rub for roasted chicken, fish or lamb, as well as on firm or starchy vegetables like cauliflower or potatoes.